Who does not like to sleep? I think no one is denied; spend much time in our beds to replenish the energies that we were in the day. For this, we always make it a pleasant and each, in their way, is to decorate the most personal .
So inspired by this, I decided to make a post about some kinds of beds that they may serve as reference for that , creatively, give a different touch to your bedroom . Let them!

Fun Children’s beds
Let’s start with the house cocky. If we have classic beds at home, we can add something special with paint and putting a different detail to support . We can also play with the colors of the bedspreads and pillows.

Another option is the super creative cabin, they are super helpful to save space when you have more than one child. We may also use colored overcoats that give it a more fun to our bedroom like this to girls .

Youth Beds
Another great option to give a different touch to the beds of young people in the house are the beds / couches. And just great for her age, because they invite their friends home and can use multiple way his room space . It is complemented with a set of perfect pillows to complete the look. Moreover, they are often added at the bottom drawers to maximize space.

Another option is the model of two beds in one, very useful when a visit he sleeps at home and can save space . And, like the previous case, you can add extra drawers to keep everything organized much like this to girls .

Contemporary beds
For larger house, both singles and couples, there are different options and you moderate. For example, you can opt for a much more minimalist model like this that has a simple and stylish addition to playing with colors.

Or on the other hand, you can find much more sophisticated beds where there is a whole work by the industrial designer to create spectacular shapes. For example, this in an edgy version of the poster , more minimalist, but keeping the original concept.

Beds with different forms
And if you want to break the routine of a much more radical, may choose very curious models. For example, we see the round beds that play differently with the distribution of the environment and are very deco. Some have the option to rotate mechanically.

And another version of this model is the rocking bed, great for those who like moving and want something totally radical. It has a very green wave over the issue of the materials they use.

Canopy beds
Finally, there are models of canopy. They are so versatile they can be tailored to very vintage beds or other cooler in a beach house. I love, because, as an element within the distribution of a room, are super awesome and can revive any space .

As I told you, are great for vintage decorations, since it can distribute different patterns covers the canopy are super bright and decorative. It is certainly one of my favorite options.

You see, they have more options besides the classic model of bed to spice up your bedroom. Remember to spend much time in them and need the best setting to get renewed .