Those with extra money can create the most luxurious spaces right in their own homes. You can have anything that you could possibly want, such as a home theater or a closet large enough to host a small party in. The fun part is seeing what is already available and then making it your own.

Spa-Like Bathroom

Think about a spa that you have been to and how the atmosphere is incredibly serene and uplifting. Now, imagine being able to feel this every day in your own bathroom. A  does not even need to be really big. It simply needs to have the things that you want in it. The colors and flow of the room should be something that you find the most relaxing and comfortable.

spa-like bathroom

Think about having a bathroom with a sauna, heated floors, a towel warmer and a hot tub. This is just a few options that you have. You can truly make it your own. For example, if you want an aquarium wall, skylights and full marble floors, you can have these too.

Home Automation and Control System

This is where you can fully control your home via remote. There are systems that you can control via a computer or cell phone when you are not even home. You can control various things, such as:

  • Lighting
  • Heating and cooling
  • Home entertainment
  • Lawn sprinklers
  • Appliances
  • Security and monitoring systems
  • Communications

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have become incredibly intricate. Gone are the days of grills and picnic tables, today’s outdoor kitchens are full kitchens with cabinetry, sinks, refrigerators and stoves. They also have luxurious seating for a large number of guests. The possibilities are truly endless. You will want to be able to use this kitchen throughout the year to adding extra luxuries like roofing, electronics for entertainment, custom lighting and ground heating are some essentials to consider.

Custom Lighting

If you have ever wanted a custom chandelier, you can have one. You can also fully design the entire lighting scheme in your home. Recessed lighting is common in luxury homes and you can have these so that you can make them as bright or as dim as necessary so that you have the perfect lighting for any occasion. Dimming sconces are a good idea for the bathroom so that it can be bright when you are getting ready for the day or an evening event, or dim when you simply want to relax in your bath. Custom lighting is at the top of the luxury pyramid and it fully showcases your personality in your home.

Closets and Storage Space

A closet big enough to hold your growing clothing, shoe and accessory collection, as well as room to coordinate outfits and sip wine as your get ready for a big party can be yours. Your closet can be fully customized to your tastes and specifications. You will be able to keep everything organized and in its place so that you can easily find your favorite cocktail dress when you get invited to a last minute party. You can customize the lighting, have as many drawers as you need and you can also place a keypad on the door so that only you can enter your closet.

Home Theater Room

There is no need to pay those hefty theater prices and deal with people talking and blocking your view of your favorite movies. You can invite friends over for the NBA Playoffs and enjoy it in absolute luxury. These rooms can have any type of seating you want. For example, traditional theaters have the same old fold-up seating, but you can add recliners, couches and anything else that you would like. You also have full control over screen size and volume.