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How to Extend the Life of Concrete Floors: Concrete Floor Maintenance

A concrete floor is one of the most durable and strong types of floors you can install in your home or business. Over time, concrete flooring though will become dirty and dull. Proper concrete floor maintenance can extend the life of concrete flooring. 

Concrete was once only relegated as an outdoor material ideal for driveways and garage floors. Nowadays, concrete can be sealed and finished to transform it into a decorative and low maintenance option for indoor flooring. 

A properly sealed concrete floor becomes non-porous and thus resistant to staining. This makes it exceedingly easy to clean and almost maintenance-free. 

Maintaining Sealed Concrete Floors

Epoxy is a concrete sealer that forms a protective film over the concrete surface. It creates an abrasion-resistant and long-wearing finish. The epoxy material bonds well with the concrete surface to create a non-porous flooring system. 

Epoxy floors are easy to clean and maintain. In fact, this feature is one of the reasons many homeowners choose epoxy flooring for their garages. Although low in maintenance, general cleaning and maintenance are still necessary to keep it in excellent shape and to extend its life. 

Spot Cleaning

  • Spills should immediately be cleaned with a soft cloth. 
  • Oil, grease, car chemicals, and all other chemicals should be immediately cleaned with paper towels. It may damage the epoxy floor when allowed to stay on the floor for too long. 
  • Rust should be lightly scrubbed with a kitchen scrubbing sponge and warm water.
  • Avoid using steel wool as it is too abrasive.
  • Never use cleaning compounds with acid or citrus ingredients. 

Heavily Stains

  • Sweep and vacuum to get rid of built-up dirt. 
  • Use a gentle floor cleaning compound.

Heavy stains develop when spills are not immediately cleaned. 

Dust Mopping

  • Dust mop to gently remove dirt and dust. 
  • Use a soft bristle push broom for epoxy floors with anti-slip aggregate coating. 

Regularly getting rid of dust and dirt prevents scratches when people, vehicles, and machinery drag them across the epoxy floor. Routine cleaning and maintenance are vital to keep your concrete looking and performing like new.  The type of concrete floor maintenance depends on the concrete floor finish.


When it comes to cooking, we should pay attention to the details , because it is an area where we find different elements from appliances, dishes, until pastry .

This room needs a good light , impossible to imagine a dark kitchen. Also must remain aerated to avoid strong odors focus. Undoubtedly, one of the sensations that we always want to keep this space to cook, eat and we depart, is the joy. Get it with colorful curtains. I present some models to inspire you.
Curtains kitchen motif
Many people prefer to place in the kitchen, curtains that only work in this room, ie they have specific reasons for this space , such as bottles, fruit, vegetables, flowers etc. If you go for them, you can actually give you a lot of freedom to your imagination, just be careful not to overload the place with the design.

Tell me if this Italian-inspired curtain , seemed not just lovely. If your window is especially long can play with such a design.

A great dream is to combine your kitchen curtains with tablecloth kitchen, with apron, dryers, towels, etc.. The idea is that the design plays with the environment in general. Do not look great?

If you combine the design also with your centerpieces, hand towels and individual, your kitchen will look even cooler
Checkered kitchen curtains
One of the favorite designs for the kitchen, it comes with plaid curtains or country style . If you think about it in any other room we afford to be as informal as in it, even in our own bedroom. Tables large or small are cheerful, positive and casual.

This model is more sober shade but also great for your kitchen. The design is pretty classic
The pictures can be mixed with a solid color too.

The color blue is also ideal for kitchen curtains. Notice how it looks combined with white
Roman shade (or blinds) for the kitchen
This is a very modern which is what allows you to fold horizontally through the curtain rods each having both. The blinds are perfect for small spaces because the planes be not occupy space.

I love this shade model, more than the classic panel design, carries pots prints. I want it!

On white background with black designs, the kitchen looks perfect shade, matching

The blinds are another good option for your kitchen windows. The green is a color photo very relaxing

And how about a bamboo curtain type? This material is equally efficient to distribute the light and give your kitchen that country feel that we
They can be in a single color, prints or perhaps even encourages you to paint the fabric yourself . If you want you can find a system so that going up or down with a remote control or a switch.
Side curtain for your kitchen
One option that you prefer is that of the side curtain . Ie will the fabric at the top of the window and then towards the middle of the sliding window. This allows light to enter forever because a space is left uncovered . Remember that in reality in a kitchen curtain need never cast at all.

The other model is great, I love the design and the combination of dark colors with soft.

Is not it beautiful? I love the design of strawberries on white background

The pastel colors for kitchen curtains never go out of style

The flowers are everything in a kitchen, give it life. How about this model?
Tips for choosing the kitchen curtain
The first thing that you should worry about is that the fabric you choose is washable . In this environment the washing is probably much more common for grease and steam, so I recommend fabrics are cotton and polyester . Do not even place a heavy material that is difficult to wash and in which further noticeable spots.

The curtains should be easy to maneuver and maintain. These for example do not occupy the entire window seem equally cute

The other thing is that the style you choose for them to go with your kitchen in general. For example, if your kitchen has a minimalist decor and very modern , I recommend the blinds.

And for those who like strong colors in your kitchen, what do you think these blinds red patterned?
As I had mentioned also have to be careful with the space you drive. If your window is very long , you can play with the design. If not, do not, look for something simple that does not saturate the space, maybe even a shade suits you the color of your walls or cabinets.

If your walls are somewhat dark color to kitchen, white curtains give the perfect contrast

If your kitchen windows are wide, install curtains the way you see them in the photo. It will be seen in the overall unit and wonder

This model saturates the space at all, rather helps to better distribute light and air to give that I love lavender
Where to buy curtains for kitchen?
In most stores you can find decoration as you have presented in this paper, but is it similar or find some new proposals. The frame and flowers are the easiest to find.

In Peru you can buy them in decorate your (Avenida San Luis, 3121 – San Borja – Lima) where there are interesting models, and even an offer of blinds to 119 soles per square meter (ask if it is still valid). Another store is DecorLider (Canevaro Avenue, 365 – Lynx – Lima). Prices vary according to footage (square meter of your window) and some will include installation and rails. However, I recommend that you consult the latter.

I hope these ideas have helped you. Note that the easiest way to make a change in your kitchen, without spending too much, it’s just putting a new curtain with an original design.


Those with extra money can create the most luxurious spaces right in their own homes. You can have anything that you could possibly want, such as a home theater or a closet large enough to host a small party in. The fun part is seeing what is already available and then making it your own.

Spa-Like Bathroom

Think about a spa that you have been to and how the atmosphere is incredibly serene and uplifting. Now, imagine being able to feel this every day in your own bathroom. A  does not even need to be really big. It simply needs to have the things that you want in it. The colors and flow of the room should be something that you find the most relaxing and comfortable.

spa-like bathroom

Think about having a bathroom with a sauna, heated floors, a towel warmer and a hot tub. This is just a few options that you have. You can truly make it your own. For example, if you want an aquarium wall, skylights and full marble floors, you can have these too.

Home Automation and Control System

This is where you can fully control your home via remote. There are systems that you can control via a computer or cell phone when you are not even home. You can control various things, such as:

  • Lighting
  • Heating and cooling
  • Home entertainment
  • Lawn sprinklers
  • Appliances
  • Security and monitoring systems
  • Communications

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have become incredibly intricate. Gone are the days of grills and picnic tables, today’s outdoor kitchens are full kitchens with cabinetry, sinks, refrigerators and stoves. They also have luxurious seating for a large number of guests. The possibilities are truly endless. You will want to be able to use this kitchen throughout the year to adding extra luxuries like roofing, electronics for entertainment, custom lighting and ground heating are some essentials to consider.

Custom Lighting

If you have ever wanted a custom chandelier, you can have one. You can also fully design the entire lighting scheme in your home. Recessed lighting is common in luxury homes and you can have these so that you can make them as bright or as dim as necessary so that you have the perfect lighting for any occasion. Dimming sconces are a good idea for the bathroom so that it can be bright when you are getting ready for the day or an evening event, or dim when you simply want to relax in your bath. Custom lighting is at the top of the luxury pyramid and it fully showcases your personality in your home.

Closets and Storage Space

A closet big enough to hold your growing clothing, shoe and accessory collection, as well as room to coordinate outfits and sip wine as your get ready for a big party can be yours. Your closet can be fully customized to your tastes and specifications. You will be able to keep everything organized and in its place so that you can easily find your favorite cocktail dress when you get invited to a last minute party. You can customize the lighting, have as many drawers as you need and you can also place a keypad on the door so that only you can enter your closet.

Home Theater Room

There is no need to pay those hefty theater prices and deal with people talking and blocking your view of your favorite movies. You can invite friends over for the NBA Playoffs and enjoy it in absolute luxury. These rooms can have any type of seating you want. For example, traditional theaters have the same old fold-up seating, but you can add recliners, couches and anything else that you would like. You also have full control over screen size and volume.


Everyone desires their home, irrespective of being big or small, to have a radiant appearance which catches the eyes of the visitors. Adornment does not imply huge expenses. A little bit alterations here and there can make a lot of difference to the overall outlook. So, if you are in quest of an inexpensive way to beautify your abode, then execute these little modifications and see for yourself to believe.

  • Get the Furniture at the Right Spot: Chuck out the old tradition of giving wall support to your furniture. A sofa set placed at 45 degree angle diagonally saves a lot much space and gives a broader look to the room.
  • Vary the Shades: Anything looks blunt without appealing colors. It is amazing how few shades can alter the outlook of a room or the entire house. Not to forget the doors, the chart boards which form an outline to the whole thing. Go to a local store, get your favorite color and give your walls shades of two. You can hang in some art and craft work on the wall as well.
  • Go Green: Vegetation supplements your breathing space with fresh energy and makes the atmosphere hygienic. A vase of flowers around the greenery adds to the variety and gives a clean and new look to your dwelling.
  • Dress up Your Furniture: Do not leave your furniture exposed to the moisture in the air. It starts deteriorating from outside and gives a bad impression. Covering it, gives a fuller and radiant look. Get table cloths or a plastic covering to dress it up nicely. Always clean it once a week to avoid accumulated dust.
  • Positioning Mirrors or a Frame: Get some frames from the market that imitates your persona or a mirror with a clearer view. Position it in such a way that there is not any labor in searching for it and it catches the eye at one shot.  Always opt for a unique shape to give an innovative look.
  • Evade the Untidiness: Clothes inside the closet and books inside the bookshelves is the proper way to go. Never spread things around the room since it does not look tidy to the eyes. Have separate space for different things and always keep them back to their location after use.
  • Place a Coffee Table: Sometimes you get involved in a long conversation and what better place can you find than a coffee table at one corner of your hall. If you have not placed it yet, place it now, for it holds a different charm within itself.
  • Light up the Room: Now-a-days, lighting is no more an issue for high electricity bills. Technology has advanced and you should follow the same. Throw out those outdated lamps and bright up your place with cost-effective yet evident ones. You can also use candles at night to light up the edges.
  • Get throw Pillows:  A barren sofa with decent clothing is not enough to attract the vision. You need to add some texture or pattern to it and one can do so by positioning few throw pillows diagonally on it. It gives a complete outlook to the scheme of things and satisfaction to the viewer as well.

In addition to all these, there is always a scope for an innovation. Those who take care of their residence, take care of themselves as well and this comes out naturally from a human being. Always remember that your interior cogently speaks about your hygiene and mental well being too.


Day by day we all work to find something that can improve our lives, details that bring us one step closer to the much sought happiness. I do not intend to recommend a formula to help us find happiness, but suggest an element that can help make our best moments a perfect souvenir that eventually help us understand that happiness can be the simple details of life .

Flower to Flower

Day by day we all work to find something that can improve our lives, details that bring us one step closer to the much sought happiness. I do not intend to recommend a formula to help us find happiness, but suggest an element that can help make our best moments a perfect souvenir that eventually help us understand that happiness can be the simple details of life .

A flower can be the perfect detail, the missing element or the necessary light that illuminates every corner of our homes. We should never underestimate the value of details that are not obvious but can become the touch that makes the difference.

The cult of the plants has been part of human life since time immemorial, there are countless legends that tell us how the flowers and plants have been part of human life. Many species are still considered sacred, magical, funeral or even sensual.

We invite you to do the flowers an important part of our lives, sharing all this fascination with all types of flowers: agapanthus of the chrysanthemums, the tulipaán to delphinium, daisy the hydrangea …

Discovering new places, shapes and colors in Mexico City you will find in the beautiful Juarez to a small colony called Flower Florist and Earth, they will help you understand a little more of the beauty of nature, especially of different ways include it in our lives, homes and spaces in which we spend our days.

With your help we can revive the worship of nature and especially the flowers, and we like that have always helped our lives a little brighter. Its smell, freshness, color and multiple forms of flowers make the perfect item that adds life to the space that often seems to need a light touch.

As Confucius says: “You ask me why I buy rice and flowers? Bought rice to live and flowers to have something to live for.”

Let’s brighten our lives, I invite you all to share this cult for flowers.


Who does not like to sleep? I think no one is denied; spend much time in our beds to replenish the energies that we were in the day. For this, we always make it a pleasant and each, in their way, is to decorate the most personal .
So inspired by this, I decided to make a post about some kinds of beds that they may serve as reference for that , creatively, give a different touch to your bedroom . Let them!

Fun Children’s beds
Let’s start with the house cocky. If we have classic beds at home, we can add something special with paint and putting a different detail to support . We can also play with the colors of the bedspreads and pillows.

Another option is the super creative cabin, they are super helpful to save space when you have more than one child. We may also use colored overcoats that give it a more fun to our bedroom like this to girls .

Youth Beds
Another great option to give a different touch to the beds of young people in the house are the beds / couches. And just great for her age, because they invite their friends home and can use multiple way his room space . It is complemented with a set of perfect pillows to complete the look. Moreover, they are often added at the bottom drawers to maximize space.

Another option is the model of two beds in one, very useful when a visit he sleeps at home and can save space . And, like the previous case, you can add extra drawers to keep everything organized much like this to girls .

Contemporary beds
For larger house, both singles and couples, there are different options and you moderate. For example, you can opt for a much more minimalist model like this that has a simple and stylish addition to playing with colors.

Or on the other hand, you can find much more sophisticated beds where there is a whole work by the industrial designer to create spectacular shapes. For example, this in an edgy version of the poster , more minimalist, but keeping the original concept.

Beds with different forms
And if you want to break the routine of a much more radical, may choose very curious models. For example, we see the round beds that play differently with the distribution of the environment and are very deco. Some have the option to rotate mechanically.

And another version of this model is the rocking bed, great for those who like moving and want something totally radical. It has a very green wave over the issue of the materials they use.

Canopy beds
Finally, there are models of canopy. They are so versatile they can be tailored to very vintage beds or other cooler in a beach house. I love, because, as an element within the distribution of a room, are super awesome and can revive any space .

As I told you, are great for vintage decorations, since it can distribute different patterns covers the canopy are super bright and decorative. It is certainly one of my favorite options.

You see, they have more options besides the classic model of bed to spice up your bedroom. Remember to spend much time in them and need the best setting to get renewed .