How to Extend the Life of Concrete Floors: Concrete Floor Maintenance

A concrete floor is one of the most durable and strong types of floors you can install in your home or business. Over time, concrete flooring though will become dirty and dull. Proper concrete floor maintenance can extend the life of concrete flooring. 

Concrete was once only relegated as an outdoor material ideal for driveways and garage floors. Nowadays, concrete can be sealed and finished to transform it into a decorative and low maintenance option for indoor flooring. 

A properly sealed concrete floor becomes non-porous and thus resistant to staining. This makes it exceedingly easy to clean and almost maintenance-free. 

Maintaining Sealed Concrete Floors

Epoxy is a concrete sealer that forms a protective film over the concrete surface. It creates an abrasion-resistant and long-wearing finish. The epoxy material bonds well with the concrete surface to create a non-porous flooring system. 

Epoxy floors are easy to clean and maintain. In fact, this feature is one of the reasons many homeowners choose epoxy flooring for their garages. Although low in maintenance, general cleaning and maintenance are still necessary to keep it in excellent shape and to extend its life. 

Spot Cleaning

  • Spills should immediately be cleaned with a soft cloth. 
  • Oil, grease, car chemicals, and all other chemicals should be immediately cleaned with paper towels. It may damage the epoxy floor when allowed to stay on the floor for too long. 
  • Rust should be lightly scrubbed with a kitchen scrubbing sponge and warm water.
  • Avoid using steel wool as it is too abrasive.
  • Never use cleaning compounds with acid or citrus ingredients. 

Heavily Stains

  • Sweep and vacuum to get rid of built-up dirt. 
  • Use a gentle floor cleaning compound.

Heavy stains develop when spills are not immediately cleaned. 

Dust Mopping

  • Dust mop to gently remove dirt and dust. 
  • Use a soft bristle push broom for epoxy floors with anti-slip aggregate coating. 

Regularly getting rid of dust and dirt prevents scratches when people, vehicles, and machinery drag them across the epoxy floor. Routine cleaning and maintenance are vital to keep your concrete looking and performing like new.  The type of concrete floor maintenance depends on the concrete floor finish.